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Lookin’ back where I come from
It was my grannies  little farm
Grow up in the neighbourhood
With  the kids from my uncle  Clark

Feeling free ,carry  me
Back to freedom I’m longing for

Easy livin’ from day to day,
Watching the great outdoors
Silence nights no noise around
Near the mountain site

Feeling free,  carry  me
back to   freedom  I’m longing for

Then the day when I pulled out,
From my world of harmony
Came to town quite far away

All my life was swept away

Feel so lonely  please carry  me
Back to  freedom  I’m longing for

From time to time I’m thinking back , to my
Marvellous  boyhood
My grannies are gone and the farm broke down, but
Ihe memories left in mind
Feel so lonely  please  carry  me
Back to freedom  I’m longing for